Hat Care


Always put your hat on its crown, never on the brim.

You can hang your hat on the rack, but make sure the hook is wide enough and does not destroy your hat.

If you want to make your hat rest for a longer time, put them to hat box and keep it in the dry and cool place. Warm and moisture can destroy your treasure.

Keep your hat away from strong sun, do not leave a hat in a car as it can overheat and shrinks.


Clean your hat with horsehair brush. With light-colored bristles for a light hat, and dark-colored for a dark hat. Brush your hat always in the counter-clockwise direction in order not to destroy it.

Stains can be taken off with a piece of sandpaper. Be gently – it guarantees you won’t ruin the felt.

Love it tender

Our beaver felt hats are from nature water resistant but not fully waterproof. Wearing them in the rain is okay. Always let your hat dry in cool and dry environment. Never dry it with a dryer! Do not artificially accelerate the drying stage, your hat does not like it.

Do not wrap a brim up and do not grab your hat for a crown – its easy way to damage your hat.

If you really love your hat (I hope you do) repair your hat, change destroyed ribbon, sweatband, lining or whatever else. And remember never throw good quality hat away. The felt can be reused, reblocked or reshaped to your preferences at any time.