Materials & Quality

Each element of our hat is made of the best quality materials, because we know that you want to enjoy it for many, many years. We believe that excellent quality is the key to expressing your style. We also believe that less is better, and rapidly changing trends and the pursuit of quantity are not able to reflect your authentic style.

We choose the accessories you find in your hat with great care. We use the sweatbands of leather and silk interior lining. There are also unique vintage elements that make your hat special.

Rabbit/Hare fur felt

In most cases our hats are made of rabbit/hare fur as because we think this material is absolutely perfect! It is 90% waterproof, strong, really smooth, soft and extremely durable. We buy materials from reliable suppliers who acquire them in an ethical manner and in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. 

Panama straw

Panama straw is our choice for summer hat because it is weather resistant and provides natural UV protection. If you care about your Panama straw hat it will last for a lifetime! The material is sent to us from Ecuador. Each capeline for hat is unique because has hand woven pattern and the natural dye.

Wool felt

We also make our hats from Polish sheep wool. Thanks to its unusual hygroscopic function, it is perfect for wearing both in summer and winter.